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MPB Advisor Business Development Center

A "MPB Healthcare Advisor" offers their clients' the best solution based on each ones unique situation, not just health insurance. The "Development Center" focuses on MPB Products, MCS (Medical Cost Sharing), ACA (Affordable Care Act) Insurance Options, ICHRA (Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Accounts) for groups, Indemnity - Supplemental Insurance, Life Insurance, and Debt Consolation with Credit Repair. Find a link to the details on each of these areas under the menu at the top of the page.

Improve Access

Find Medical Cost Sharing, Life & Health Insurance, Indemnity & Supplement Plans and other cost saving solutions in one place.

Develop Sales

Lower Member spend on Healthcare, Debt and Prescription Medication, freeing up the funds to execute their new plan.

Increase Revenue

Provide holistic solutions with Add-ons, Up-sales and Cost Saving Resources to fill the gaps in your clients' health and wealth plan.

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Building Your Business

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Let's start with the three MPB.Health options that should be at the foundation of every health care solution. Notice that MPB Care is included in MPB Care+ and that they're both in MPB E.A.P.. Be sure to review each detail section

Products of MPowering Benefits

CirrusMD Text 1st Virtual Health Care
MPB Care Concierge - Navigation
MPB Concierge Pharmacy Assistance 
Personal Medical Records Vault 
Health Matching Account 
Health Risk Assessment 


Includes everything in MPB Care
MPB Care Concierge - Negotiation
Drexi Pharmacy Solution
MPB/HCBB Value Certified Program
Health Care Blue Book
MPB/CHCW Wellbeing Strategy


Includes everything in MPB Care+

Preventive Care

Patient Assistance Programs

Preventive Dental and Vision

Health Saving Account

Remote Monitoring


Navigating the complex world of healthcare can be difficult. MPB.Health makes it easy with our mobile app. Access all components of care from one location.

Whether engaging in "Self-Care"  to find a recipe in MPB/CHCW Wellbeing, setting an appointment with a Doctor by MPB Care Concierge the mobile app removes the confusion and eliminates the fear of leaving health insurance.

To make the process of educating your members as easy as possible, we provide you with a customized portal for your patients. Follow this link to see a Sample.

For more information, call the Healthcare Advisor that sent you here or (800) 519-2969