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mpb.Health from MPowering Benefits Association, a healthcare solution for the 21st century.

Virtual Primary Care with Medical Cost Sharing

Phone or Online Care

Access to your Physician 24/7 365 in English or Spanish, by phone or with our mobile app that combines “everything health” in one place.

Best Quality and Price Care

When in-person services are required, your care logistics team will locate, negotiate price and set appointment for the best solution.

Continuity in Care

An innovative layering of healthcare services coordinated across all levels of care and stored in your Personal Medical Records Vault.

The MPowering Benefits (MPB) Association is a community of individuals and families committed to their health and controlling healthcare costs!

mpb.Health from MPB Associaton is NOT Health Insurance, but rather a community of like-minded members willing to do their part to contain healthcare expenses and share each others medical costs. This commitment often leads to savings of more than 50% over health insurance premiums.

The core of your MPB Association membership is your Personal Medical Records Vault and Mobile App for control and ease of access. “PMRVault” Personal Medical Records Vault provides access to Electronic Medical Records, and any other electronic data all in one HIPPA-compliant place.

Create a “Circle of Care” that gets access to all your medical records and notification of qualified changes. That communication increases your physicians knowledge of your condition enhancing your experience and speed to recovery.*

Now you can have access to care without compromising the quality you require from start to finish by pairing the components of Self-Care : Wellness, Physician-Care : Virtual or in-Person Primary Care and Community-Care : Medical Cost Sharing.

Self-Care: Things you can do to help  AVOID Medical Costs

Wellness Programs

What you get – Health Education Resources, such as Webinars, Videos, Newsletters, Books, Recipes, etc., help keep members engaged, involved and focused on their health.

Optional – “Artificial Intelligence Mentor”: is a state of the art health platform using functional medicine. It combines the elements of your health risk assessment, geographic toxicitity of the water and air, health blood panels and your genetic make up to provide actionable recommendations on food (recipes), supplements, detoxification, exercise, sleep, stress strategies and much more.*

Optional – “HealthGenie Symptom Checker”: lets members enter multiple symptoms in everyday language and helps make sense of them. Each condition links to user-friendly disease information and the appropriate setting to seek care.*

* Wellness Options can be added to your membership for a small monthly charge.

Physician-Care: Things your Doctor can do to help MITIGATE Medical Cost

Virtual Primary Care

Care you need 24/7 365 English & Spanish – Approximately 75% of the conditions that a Physicians advise is requested can be manage on the phone or on-line with visual diagnosis and a prescrition.

Care Logistic Team – for situations where an in-person visit is necessary, they provide fair price navigation, negotiation, and appointment setting for convenience and ease.

Most efficient way to pay –  Should your conditon require Financial Assistance beyond $1500 IUA (Initial Unshared Amount – Amount you pay for an Individual Accident or Illness before sharing pays at 100%), your Case Manager will handle that with you.

Community-Care: Things Members can share to CONTAIN Medical Costs

Medical Cost Sharing

Benevolence Cost Sharing Community – for Large Curative Treatments (including Specialist, Hospitalization, Surgeries, ER Visits, MRI’s, etc.) that are caused by an accident or illness above the selected Initial Unshareable Amount.

No Network Concerns – select the best Specialist or Service Provider when large medical bills arise, without concern whether they are in or out of network.

The Community is Open to All – who are health-focused, however, certain conditions that have had symptoms, diagnosis or treatment in the past three years have a waiting period.

Dedicated Member Services Team guides members in navigating each of a full suite of innovative cost containment services.

Navigating the complex world of healthcare can be difficult. mpb.Health makes it easy with our mobile app. Access all components of care from one location.

Whether engaging in “Self-Care”  to find a recipe in the Artificial Intelligence Mentor, setting an appointment with a Doctor in “Physician-Care” or  submitting a bill to Sedera Health in “Community-Care” the mpb.Health mobile app removes the confusion and eliminates the fear of leaving health insurance.

An innovative layering of healthcare services coordinated across all levels of care, that cost up to 50% less than traditional health insurance.

Benefits to You!


  • Cost Savings of 30 to 50% from mpb.Health provides the funds to support you new health focused lifestyle.
  • Personal Concierge helps them navigate the present-day health care maze.
  • Self-Care with the Artificial Intelligence Mentor, guides you with recipes and fitness programs designed specifically for you, that support effort to help achieve and maintain wellness.
  • Community-Care provides the ‘Peace of Mind’ that any major problems can be handled for a very low and stable cost using Medical Cost Sharing
  • First Responder QR Life code part of the Personal Electronic Medical Vault includes a membership card and key fob with access for emergencies.
  • Health Education Resources include Webinars, Newsletters, 12 Healthy Habits digital messages, and a reference library of eBooks, videos, recipes and book reviews to help member follow a healthy lifestyle.

Key Elements and Important things you should know about this Healthy Care Solution.

The Personal Medical Records Vault is a innovative tool that allows the you to take ownership of your health and  and collaborate with their Physician like never before.


A look-back period of 36 months applies to all prior medical conditions for Sedera Health applicants. A prior medical condition is a condition for which the applicant has either received medical treatment, taken medication or exhibited observable symptoms. Any prior medical condition that has not exhibited symptoms during the 36 continuous months prior to the membership effective date is considered cured and will have no sharing restrictions. Prior medical conditions will become eligible for sharing based on the Member’s tenure with Sedera, as indicated by the Community Guidelines.

Sharing restrictions do not apply for high blood pressure, cholesterol, type two diabetes or sleep apnea as long as the member has not been hospitalized in the 36 months prior to membership and the condition is controlled through medication or diet.

Maintenance Medications for treatment of chronic conditions will not be shared.

Sedera’s Medical Cost Sharing program is “Needs” based. A “NEED” is your request for the Costs caused by an accident or illness to be Shared with the Sedera Community.

Small medical expenses are managed via your Direct Primary Care membership.

When you enroll in the Medical Cost Sharing Community, you select the amount that you can comfortably afford to pay, called the I.U.A – Initial Unshareable Amount. Then, should a Large Medical Need occur, it is shared at 100% by the Community above that amount.

The Initial Unshareable Amount (I.U.A.) $1500 is more similar to a deductible in Auto Insurance than the annual deductible in Health Insurance. Should an accident or illness occur, you pay the first $1500 and the community pays 100% of the balance until your health is restored to its previous condition or better. There are no constraints of time or money – the need remains active until you no longer show signs or symptoms relating to that accident or illness for twelve months.

An Individual Member has a maximum of 3 Needs per calendar year. For all other membership types the maximum is 5 Needs per year.

Our “A.I.M. to be Healthy” initiative is a Artificial Intelligence Mentor using a Functional Medicine Platform. It is the only assessment tool in the world that combines 3 wellness components to give a complete blueprint of health and help find the hidden connections between them. Coined as EpiBioGenentics® by its’ creator, Epi– your lifestyle choices, eating habits, stress level, exercise level, sleep patterns, medications, exposure to toxins, etc.: Bio– your unique bio-chemical makeup, lab work, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and the toxin load you are currently carrying etc.: Genetics – your DNA, family history, genomics and genetic susceptibility so you know what diseases to screen for.

The A.I. Mentor is integrated with Patient Electronic Medical Records (EMR) which are accessible by you through the Patient’s Electronic Medical Vault.

HealthGenie Symptom Checker uses the medically validated “Disease Pattern Recognition Engine Platform system”. Unlike most other symptom checkers, it enables patients to enter multiple symptoms in everyday language and helps make sense of them. The combination of symptoms is analyzed by the Isabel artificial intelligence engine and possible conditions are linked to further knowledge so the patient can research their symptoms.

HealthGenie is integrated with the Patient’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) which are accessible by you through Personal Electronic Medical Vault.

To access “mpb.Health” Individuals and Families must join the MPowering Benefits Association. To join the Association each member/patient pays a $100 setup fee and a $25 annual membership fee. 

For more information, call the Healthcare Advisor that sent you here or (800) 519-2969